The First Of Many – An Introduction

Welcome to the Yet Another Linux Blog. A site for presenting myself onto the web and hopefully develop a small following of others with the same interests as me. I would like to introduce the blog with a general guide for what content I will be presenting.

Video: I plan to eventually produce a number of videos on areas of simple web page coding with tidbits and bobs for incorporating in a website. For example, content ordering, simple HTML5 and CSS3 tips and tricks  and web scripting snippets for content management systems and general use.

Written Tutorials: How many times do you need a simple explanation to a seemingly complex question right away, and have hunted around for it, but not found it anywhere. My solution, for the problems I encounter, i will solve them and write a solution that is quick and easy to understand. simple, elegant, easy.

Articles: I intend to write a couple of short articles on using Linux for beginners particularly Ubuntu and Fedora and how to use them effectively for web design. I also really want to write a series of articles on how I feel the web has effected us and the direction that I hope it does take us as well as the direction it shouldn’t.

Blog: Stuff happens, everyday, everywhere. For example, Australia has its first female prime-minister. Perhaps if I’m motivated, I might contribute to the never ending stream that comes through the giant biosphere.

Of course these are the initial goals for me in organizing myself, and I will change them as necessary.

So formally thank you for visiting and come back soon.

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