Building The Ultimate Ubuntu Home Server

It is my goal to provide the means to create the perfect home server. I have been using Linux for about 1 year now. I started with Fedora for about 3 months, and having grown tired of the look and feel of Gnome in fedora, switched first to Kubuntu then Ubuntu and finally settled on Ubuntu studio (looks cool and comes with all the needed video and audio tinkering tools that I could dream of). I love the functionality that Ubuntu brings and of course the cost!

Beyond using Linux as my desktop, when I purchased a server about 3 months ago, I was completely oblivious as to the power of running a home server. Now all my computers can communicate through an internal mail system, can share a printer, have all my files and folders backed up and in a version control system. Essentially, it provides me with a commercial level of control, without any associated fee.  Which is exactly what I want.

So, How do you set a complete home server:

To start, Why Choose Ubuntu Server to build your home server around.

Why Choose Ubuntu Home Server

Part one of the Build Is Choosing the right version to use.

Choosing the correct Version

Part two of the build is picking the right hardware for a home server

Getting the right gear

Part three of the build is now you have the downloaded operating system, you have to get it ready to install

Getting prepared to install

And the final part (for now) , is installing the base system.

Installing the base

At this stage in my development I am working out the best way to install all the necessary components on my server. This can be time consuming and I am reinstalling nearly everyday. I am also working on building a bash script for the complete install however it is taking far longer than I intended.

This body of work is continuous in development and always improving and being built upon. Maybe one day I will put it in a wiki or another form, although for now I believe that is the easiest (and cheapest) way of collecting it together for others to use.

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