Update – 3 new server tutorials

A while ago I wrote the first 2 tutorials on setting up a home server, and slated in for further release 3 more tutorials on hardware, burning an ISO and installing the base system. Well today they have been released.

Hopefully they work well, and no one falls into any traps following them. I intend to two follow these up with some more complex tutorials on user based management relating to specific tasks such as (the next one) creating users with default folder and files as well as git version control, creating a simple backing up process, working with a mail program and many others.

All the tutorials can be found linked on the build a home server page.

I look forward to your responses and would love to hear of your success/failure as well as any changes you feel need to be made.


Quick Tip – Fixing a Failed Apt-Get Update – Ubuntu

Woke up this morning, and as usually I had new software to download and install through updater on Ubuntu 10.04. So I click install updates and about halfway through updating it stops. No apparent reason, but the windows is frozen and cannot be closed.

After a quick search on the Ubuntu forums and a look at man apt-get, there appears to be a fix. (more…)

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