Update : Websites I’m In Love With

So after more than a year since I last posted a very short list of the websites I most frequent and why I think they are awesome I thought I would do an update and add a few more that I just can’t live without. To just quickly recap, here is the list in no specific order(read more at https://strik3r2.wordpress.com/2011/08/17/websites-im-in-love-with/)

Now for something new ::


I think I am late to this, but seriously Phillip DeFranco is FUNNY. I know I know as an Australian my connection to anything he says or does is minimal, and that I will probably upset my girlfriend for even mentioning the campaign “the nation is sexy”, But Dammit I love the witty and often not so comedy reflected in the news. Also with a sign off that includes ‘I love your faces” How could you not want to watch what phil has to say.


Not much really needs to be said about XKCD. Its an awesome web comic that I have to read fairly often. Always has something new and interesting, and is quite often very relevant.


Hak5 is a really IP TV show. With very humble roots, Hak5 is about hardcore nerd heaven. With great topics about hacking and cracking this tv show will keep nerds like me happy for many many hours on end. If you have never watched the show before I Highly recommend going back to the beginning and watching the seasons through.

Will thats about It for this post. Only three new sites, but hey I don’t get out much even from my own desk!

I would really love to hear from you, whether your a regular at these websites or you have any suggestions for my bookmarks bar that are great visits.

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