Potato Discussions

Let me explain. Potato Discussions is a name that I thought of this morning in the shower while thinking of a new page name for my collections of posts about the more conceptual parts of life. I arrived the the name Potato Discussions after thinking about how nice it will be when I move out of my uni dorm room and into a share house with some friends at the end of the year and we can have a couch to sit on at the end of the day (I novelty that I have missed for 3 years). If I was to have a discussion on the couch with my friends we would be ‘couch potatoes’, Hence the name Potato Discussions.

For now I only have a few posts, because unfortunately university is time consuming as well as requiring a high volume of work. None the less I have a few posts that you may be interested and a few more in the works. Below is the rather short list, which I will extend by the end of the year 😛

Children on Facebook
Of Spirituality and Belief

In the works (coming soon)

Stop the Press: The Internet is not Secure
From Acquaintance to Friend: Mutual Exchange
The Irony of People and the Law

These are just a few. Come back again or subscribe to the rss or email for regular updates 🙂 .

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